We all buy clothes: occasionally something exciting that we have been wanting for a long time, but more often routine things that we need for everyday wear. In both cases we want to enjoy spending our money and receive satisfaction from the purchases.

We want the best we can get; no one wants to feel cheated or that money has been wasted. We like to do shopping looking or the best clothes that will suit us perfectly but very often women have not a standard figure and that’s why they have a lot of problems choosing necessary garments. In such a way they prefer to go to the tailor’s. As a rule women and men bring the picture of the garment that want to have and in some time they receive it of appropriate size.

Let’s look at the whole process at the tailor’s. A person brings the picture of the garment and the tailor makes outlines. He takes all necessary measurements and arranges the next fitting. When the customer comes next time the garment may be a bit loose or floppy on him/her, but the person can be sure that by next time the tailor will make special alternations and it will suit the customer like a glove. Only then the garment is ready, the customer pays for it and get a receipt.

I’d like also to admit that when a potential customer comes to the tailor’s he offers him various materials of different kinds, colours and quality. But if the customer doesn’t admire any of them he can buy some in the shop and bring it to the tailor’s.
But I have to confess that nowadays the majority of people go to the tailor’s not to sew any clothes but to make some small alternations in clothes they have already bought for example to cut the length of trousers. But all the same this business is among the most prosperous.


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