They say that if you want something to be done well, do it yourself. So I follow this wise saying and would like to introduce myself. I believe that it isn't an easy thing to speak about yourself as it's hard to have a look at yourself from aside but at the same time who knows you better than you yourself do?


My name is Elena. I live in Gomel. My family is an average sized Belarusian family: it consists of my father, mother, elder brother and me. As for my appearance I am a slim girl, a bit shortish, but it does not mind me. I have a blunt nose, blue expressive eyes and chestnut shoulder length hair. My friends think I am rather attractive girl, but I have never thought I am a beauty. As far as preferences in clothes are concerned I should say that I'm rather moody person that's why I cannot say I have one favourite style. Today I can wear a skirt, formal blouse and high-heeled shoes, but tomorrow I can prefer tight-fitting jeans, casual T-shirt and low-heeled shoes. Everything depends on my mood.


To my mind our life goes so fast that sometimes we don't notice how fleeting it is. For instance I didn't notice how eighteen years of my life have passed. I feel like it was yesterday when I went to school for the first time, but this year is the last one at school. It's unbelievable but it is true. But I want to tell you everything in details.



My early years, which I remember only by parts, were interesting and careless. My childhood was happy because my parents devoted me a lot of time, my brother played with me and read books for me in the evenings. So I can say I was surrounded with love, care and attention. As most children I was sent to the kindergarten at the age of three as both of my parents worked, but as far as I remember I didn't like to attend kindergarten. I'm sure I can never forget my governor who made me eat semolina. In general the attendance of kindergarten seemed boring to me, though mainly there I met my first loyal friend.


When I was seven I went to school. My first school years were spent at school number 32, but then I moved to an English Specialized school number 71, where I got a proper education especially in such subjects as English, History and Geography.


School meant very much to me and I'm sure that it gave me a lot; first of all of course in educational sphere. Thanks to school and my teachers I became more intelligent and educated person. I consider that I became more persistent, determined and ambitious. Diligence, attention and accuracy - all these qualities school developed in me regularly. And owing to school I got acquainted with interesting people, devoted friends and excellent teachers.


After the 9th form I entered Gomel stale regional lyceum. Of course it was hard for me to leave my school friends and teachers, but I understood that it was my chance to improve my knowledge in particular fields. The subjects I liked best at lyceum were English, Belarusian and History, that's why I decided to become an interpreter. In my opinion choosing the kind of career to follow is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Before you make this decision you will have a lot of thinking about who you are, about the things you like to do and the things you do well. Though I descent from the family of engineers I'd like to become an interpreter. This profession has always attracted me because I can get acquainted with various people and I can learn their customs, rituals and traditions. I'm sure that this creative profession can enrich my mind and make me more educated and intelligent person. And I hope that my dream will come true.


I think that my star sign can tell you a lot about me, my inside world, soul and character. I believe that stars influence our fate and character, though I don't trust daily horoscopes. I was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Stars affirm that Gemini are active and artistic. These people admire adventures and changes, they make friends with unusual lightness and they are excellent mates too. They are clever, dreamy, kind-hearted and demanding at the same time. They aspire to do several things simultaneously, but they often leave them half-done. Such people hate to listen to complaints and wait for long. I can agree with majority of these statements, though I can't say that I am very demanding.


Once I read in a magazine that some scientists are sure that they can say what kind of person you are if they know what your favourite colour is. As for me I'm fond of purple and blue colours. According to the scientists' words I'm temperamental, successful, thoughtful and quite. And I can say that I agree with all these traits of my character, though some of them are more clearly expressed in me, but others are less.



In my opinion I'm a kind-hearted and jolly person. I think I'm responsive and reliable that's why my friends and relatives can always rely on me. I never refuse if people whom I love need support or a piece of advice. I try to be fair and just in attitude to the others. I'm rather calm person, but sometimesI1 can lose my temper and become either angry or sad. I'm modest and sometimes shy, but do not advice someone tricking or kidding me. I like staying alone and sometimes I retire into my shell, but at the same time I like a noisy company of my friends. I like to laugh and joke with them and I never let my friends down.


My parents think that I'm an exemplary daughter, but a bit lazy, because I don't, like to help them about the house. They are sure that I'm a creative and active person and as busy as a bee, because I always do anything and I constantly have no free time.


My friends consider me to be rather earnest girl, because I always think about anything, but all of them know me as a faithful and responsive friend, I'm always eager to help my friends and to calm them with the help of a tender word.



But like other people I'm not an ideal. I can't wait for long that's why I can be called an impatient person. Sometimes I can be lazy, but I always try to fight with this feature of my character. Also I can be very sensitive I can't say that it's a negative trait of my character but I dislike it a bit.


Though I'm rather a busy girl and I don't have much free time I always try to find spare time for my hobbies and interests because I have a lot of them. To my mind hobbies differ like tastes and if you have chosen a hobby according to your character you are lucky, as your life becomes more interesting and enjoyable. In my leisure time I like to listen to my favourite music, but what kind of music I listen always depends on my mood. If I'm full of joy I like to listen to pop music, but if I'm sad I prefer hard music. I believe that music awakens the best feelings in my soul and high emotions. Also I like to read various books. To my mind reading is very useful because books enrich our experience with that of other people. Besides books help me to continue my own education and I disagree with the people who think that a tempo of modern life is too fast to waste time on reading. They are sure that books have begun to lose their prestige and value. I don't think so; I enjoy books of various genres: detective stories, thrillers and historical novels, tales, works after classical and modern writers, but my favourite genre is love stories. I adore "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. I have read this book a lot of times and I consider that it is a masterpiece of love genre. But most of all I like traveling because in my opinion it is always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet various people, to try diverse food, to listen to different music, etc. If you are fond of traveling, you see and learn a lot of things that you can never see or learn at home, though you may read about them in books and newspapers and see pictures of them on TV.


As far as my dislikes are concerned I hate getting up early and overcrowded buses. I dislike envious and pushy people and rainy weather. But I'm happy that I have more things I like than I dislike.


And of course like all people I have someone I admire very much. Such a person for me is my mother. To my mind my mummy isn't an ordinary woman. I can't say that our characters are very alike but usually we understand each other without a word, our views often coincide.


She is always ready to listen to my endless stories about my setbacks, problems and troubles. She encourages me when I doubt my ability, helps to fulfill my aspirations and ambitions or to reach a secret goal.


And in conclusion I'd like to say that I like being me. And I hope that everybody who knows me likes me with all my positive and negative features of character. - темы по английскому языку разных уровней сложности по разным направлениям: базовые и экономические.

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