We, human beings, are such creatures who always dream about something that is difficult to access, something unattainable and challenging. I quite often hear people saying I wish I had… I personally prefer to dream only about real things which I can achieve in some period of time. There is only one unreal thing I regret about from time to time - sometimes I think: I wish I had a sister or a brother!

In my childhood I was the only one among my friends who didn’t have brothers or sisters. My best friend was lucky to have a twin-sister and two younger brothers. I always liked to visit their place: it was always filled with a special atmosphere of a large family. Their evenings were almost always the same but I can hardly say that they were monotonous or boring. All the time when my friend and her sister welcomed me to their house, their mother cooked something delicious making my mouth watered, the boys all the time ran around the house playing their noisy games and their father always worked in his study.

When it was high time to have dinner all the family gathered in a large kitchen. I liked those moments most of all because it was always great: we discussed the day, laughed a lot and ate tasty food. Then the girls and me went to their room to play. They shared the room and were always dissatisfied with that fact; in such moments I used to think: I wish I had a sister to share my room with. I always imagined my sister like my best friend who would be always next to me, with whom I would share my small secrets and whom I would tell about my failures and achievements.

Now I’m an adult but I still sometimes dream about a sister or a brother like I used to do when I was a little girl.

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