Choosing a university is of an exceptional importance because this decision will be a turning-point in the life of every pupil; this decision will undoubtedly influence his or her future life. So, how not to mistake while choosing one?

While choosing university where to study one usually thinks to which sphere of life he/she wants to dedicate the life but unfortunately when young people finish the university, there is no guaranties that they will work in this field, because today it's very difficult to find a job. Sometimes students after finishing universities can't find anything connected with their profession and start to work in absolutely different field. The employers make rigid requirements for students that's why in order to comply with their demands, one must be good grounded. That is why universities should prepare their graduates for all aspects of their adult life - world, leasure, personal relationship, creative activities, coping with money matters, independence, and parenthood. Nowadays the employers complain that young people coming into the workplace are weak in the basic skills of handwriting, grammar and spelling and even criticize them saying that they lack a basic understanding of simple things.

The employers think that at present the standards of education are not high enough. They are also sure that job expectations of young people have increased but their degrees of abilities remained at the same level.

In Belarus today we face such a problem that students after finishing universities cannot find job firstly because of the large number of graduates and secondly because many of them are just not ready to work. Unfortunately nowadays university programs include a great variety of subjects that don't play any practical role in life of future young specialists. Consequently students have to study a lot of useless material when later they don't know how to apply it in their job.

All the graduates want to find a job that can bring them satisfaction, stability, the chance to be promoted and a good salary. Many of them really deserve it, but unfortunately after 5 years of hard studies at the university, they cannot find a good job because to my great regret  in our modern world it's more important who you know and not what you know. - темы по английскому языку разных уровней сложности по разным направлениям: базовые и экономические.

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