To start with it’s necessary to say that human spirit longs for liberation, not just economic or political but also for inner liberation from the down-drag of base instincts: hate, bitterness, greed and lust which all too easily enslave us.

People long to be themselves, to have a sense of worth and purpose in life, to be able to contribute their time and talent to something worthy. It requires recognition that we are first and foremost spiritual beings in the age of information overload. Nowadays social values are deeply changed in comparison with those our parents possessed. Our motives are hardly guided today by moral standards of honesty, purity, selflessness and love for others.

If we compare present values of the pluralistic society with Victorian ones, we can clearly notice that in those times much attention was paid to self-reliance and self-respect. People worked hard to improve themselves, they lived within their income, they gave a hand to each their neighbors and were good members of their community. At present sometimes even simple moral principles like «love the neighbor as thyself» can be forgotten. The «ME» philosophy prevails, this philosophy justifies all actions in terms of self-interest, rather than the common good. The old authorities - parents, school, church, government have declined its influence. Now the following approach exists among young people ‘No one else has the right to decide by which values I run my life’. Rebellion usually follows. No doubt people need moral rearmament and should preserve moral values if they don’t want to turn into savage animals and be left to their own devices. Anyway everything should start with the family itself. People need to prevent the family from breakdown and a moral education should strive to bring out the good and «redirect» the evil. The most important thing for a parent to do is to love their child. Love breeds love and love lies in the basis of morality. If passing on moral values becomes an issue for all the families, we may get rid of a lot of antagonism and angst involved. - темы по английскому языку разных уровней сложности по разным направлениям: базовые и экономические.

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