A hobby is an activity or a special interest which you prefer to devote your spare time. There exist thousands of hobbies and everyone has an opportunity to choose a hobby he or she is interested in.

It’s a pity, but today a lot of people don't have hobbies. They explain it in different ways: some of them say that hobbies need much money to be invested into them, other people say that they are too busy to waste their precious time on hobbies. There are also those who believe that sometimes people devote too much time to their hobbies and forget about their friends and families.

However, the majority of people are convinced that hobbies brighten people’s lives, add an additional sense into their existence and charge them with positive emotions. It’s a great pleasure to do what you really want to do. To have a hobby is also a nice opportunity to meet other people who have the same interests as you have.

For me hobby is something that a person does alone. When I was a little girl I collected coins, when I was a teenager I had a large collection of discs, but now I cultivate plants. I have a green thumb and sometimes my friends say that my flat looks like a botanic garden. My hobby calms me down when I have some problems and makes my live even brighter when all is well. I adore my hobby but I don’t let it be the only sense of my life.

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