Different countries have different educational systems but, nevertheless, the basics of all the systems are almost the same. All the systems imply coeducation of boys and girls who are taught basic skills and knowledge.

At present many Russian politicians and public figures state that the educational system that still exists in our country is out of date and it can no longer comply with the demands of the present-day society. They first of all put an emphasis on the fact that our school curriculum is aimed at children with ordinary abilities (but there still exist many pupils whose abilities are above or below ordinary skills). And also they say that the knowledge that children receive at school are for the most part useless for their future lives.

Thought these politicians seems to be reasoned many people believe that schools are necessary for all the children and that children benefit from schools a lot. Primarily little boys and girls receive precious experience of communication, through trial and error they learn how to deal with each other. They certainly broaden their outlooks and learn new things. And it’s the easiest and the cheapest way for the government to provide children with basic knowledge, because the majority of families in our country can not afford to hire private teachers for their children.

I personally see more advantages than disadvantages in our educational system because school gives our children the first knowledge about the world and its laws. If there were no school children would certainly suffer from lack of communication and information.

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