On weekdays I usually get up at 7.15. First of all I make my bed and do my morning exercises. After that I open the window in my room and rush to the bathroom. I take a shower and brush my teeth. Then I have breakfast, my Mum always makes scrambled eggs and a sandwich for me. Coffee or tea I make on my own. After breakfast I dress myself, brush my hair, take my bag and hurry up to school.

I live next to school, so it takes me only 5 minutes to get there. I leave my outdoor clothes in the cloak-room and go upstairs to our classroom. Usually I come to school ten minutes before the bell, so I have enough time to greet my friends and get ready for the lesson.

The first lesson begins at 8 o'clock, the last lesson ends at half past one. After classes I go home. First of all I have dinner and then have a rest. I read magazines, play computer games and listen to music. After that I start to do my homework. As we study many subjects at school, it takes me about 4 hours to get ready for the classes. From time to time I go to library to prepare my homework or write a report. Sometimes I go to library to read new magazines and books.

Twice a week I go to our school gum to play volleyball, as I'm a member of our school volleyball team. Sport helps me to keep fit and to become more enduring.

I return home at about 8 o'clock. It is time when the whole family gather in the kitchen for supper. My mother always cooks tasty meals. After dinner we watch together TV or discuss our family plans. At 10 o'clock I have a bath and at about half past ten I go to bed.


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