According to the dictionary friendship is a feeling and behavior that exists between friends, but what these feelings are and what this behavior is, one should decide for himself. I think that friendship is a gift from the God. A friend should be faithful and sincere. Everybody has friends, because every person needs communication and contacts. But people are unique creatures of nature, all of them have their own habits, opinions, judgements which differ from others. That's why it is hard to find common interests. But we have a wonderful notion "friendship" and one more "friends". You are interested in your friend with all his bad and good traits of personality. It is so, because he is you real friend and something helps you to communicate with each other; something more important than incompatibility of your tempers. Your friend can understand everything and forgive you. If your friend believes you he will always listen to your advice and follow it thinking it is right. You shouldn't tell a lie to your friend, there mustn't be hypocrisy in your speech and even in thoughts. Before telling something to your friend, before doing any work, you should think a lot and guess what kind of influence it will render on him and on his life.

Friendship can be compared to a tree. Its seed should find good soil and under good conditions it will grow into a tree. As the years go by the tree stands firmer and firmer on the ground. And if it is strong enough, it will survive all the storms and winds. But to help it, we should take care of it and love it.

The most important feeling that exists between friends is trust. It newer appears by itself, it's the result of a long friendship and this feeling is very valuable. Respect and tolerance are also very important; it means that you don't criticize your friend's way of living, but try to understand him, discuss problems with him and explain to him what you think is good and what is bad. A friend is a person who can help you in no time, lend you any sum of money for a long period of time without any percent, whom you can wake up in the middle of the night just to say you feel worried or who is eager to do everything for you waiting nothing in return, who supports you in all your beginnings and who will never betray you.

Lucky are those people who have friends. I'm happy to have lots of friends, too. Some of them are very close, some are less. But all of them make my life interesting and enjoyable.

I appreciate friendship. It's a special thing. It makes happiness grow brighter and grief less painful, because we have friends to share it with. When we doubt our ability to fulfill our aspiration or to reach our secret goal it is our best friend who gives us a spark of assurance. And we trust our friends and we are grateful to them. Friendship is a bridge between loneliness and fellowship, frustration and confidence, despair and hope, setbacks and success. That's why a true friend is a priceless gift. They are rich who have true friends, says a proverb and I agree.

And as I told before, I'm lucky, because I have a lot of friends.

I would like to tell you some words about my best friend Olga. She is 15 years old. We study at the same school, at the same class, and we seat at the same desk. And we are close friends.

She is of average height. Olga is a slender girl with curly hair and hazel eyes. I think that she is very attractive.

Olga has a lot of hobbies. But most of all she prefers to read various books (from detectives to love stories), to play computer games and to go on walking tours. She likes to dream. And sometimes we attend cinema and theatre together.

Olga is a very amazing girl. She is never boring, she is always smiling and laughing. And I like her radiant smile very much. She is very enthusiastic, responsive and fair. Such people as she can be characterized as honest, generous and kind-hearted. I trust her all my secrets and I'm sure that only me and she know about them. Olga has a good sense of humour. And it is always cheerful to spend time with her. I like too communicate with Olga. We can talk for hours. She always understands and supports me. She is very clever, skillful and diligent. Her study is good. She is interested in such subjects as English, Russian, Literature and History.

But like other people she isn't an ideal. Sometimes she can be lazy, stubborn or impatient.

But I like her with all her positive and negative features of character. Our friendship is strong, because we trust each other, we always share the same joys and troubles together, we don't tell a lie and support each other at difficult times. - темы по английскому языку разных уровней сложности по разным направлениям: базовые и экономические.

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