Did you ever in your life feel like you had predicted something in advance? Or had you had a hunch about something that later came true? Most probably your answer is “yes”, because the majority of people in this world had experienced this at least once in their lifetime.

This sense is commonly called a sixth sense, or intuition. Normally people have five senses, they are: smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight. As for the sixth sense it is differently developed in different people. Some people are better at it than others, and some people are completely lacking in intuition.

The sixth sense is a process of gathering information which is not connected with our sense organs, memory, experience, emotions and any other psychic processes, though all these abilities are needed for interpretation of the information received with the help of the sixth sense. Our mind’s work can be described as a sequence of logical acts, while the sixth sense is a flash of information. Usually the sixth sense gives pieces of information (sometimes as symbols or body’s sensations) which should be joined together and interpreted to give us information.

All the people can be divided into three groups according to the sixth sense:
1)    The first group includes about 25% of people. These people are intellectually developed, they are good mathematician, analysts, etc. Usually they neglect existence of the sixth sense and don’t use it. As a rule their left hemisphere (which our educational system stimulates) is better developed than their right one.
2)    The second group has 70% of people, who deal with intuition from time to time. They perceive the sixth sense as a vague foreboding of a coming event, but they cannot control their sixth sense.
3)    Only 5% make up the third group. These people know for sure that the sixth sense exists and actively use it in life. More often they are creative people – musicians, artists. Usually both hemispheres of their mind are equally developed.

Thereby we can conclude that the sixth sense really exists and what is more important – a person can develop it intentionally.


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