Well, my favourite film is "12" by Nikita Michalkov. I don't know whether you've watched this film or not but I advice you to find some spare time for it. "12" is a deeply psychological film which leaves long-lasting impression and unforgettable feelings. It's a really gripping film that absorbs you from the very beginning; and once you've started to watch it it's impossible to press "pause".

The film is called "12" because its main heroes are 12 jurors who have to decide whether a young man is guilty of a homicide or not. At first all the jurors except one decided that he was guilty because all of them very tired and hungry and they wanted to go home as soon as possible. And there was only one man who was against and who explained to all the rest that they were not playing a game: they were deciding a fate of a person whether he would spend years in prison or whether he would be free. And after that a really passionate discussion starts.

While watching this film you feel like being one of the jurors, you try to put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine what decision you would take, what you would do, how you would react if you were one of them. It seems to me that montage effects, slow motion, close-ups help to achieve this feeling of being among the jurors.

"12" was lauded by both critics and viewers. This film got a lot of prizes. Among these prizes I can name several Golden Eagles, Nikas and MTV Russia Movie Awards; it was even nominated as the best foreign film to Oscar in 2008, but finally to my great regret another film got this award. But nevertheless I think that it's a masterpiece of modern movie industry and this film deserves a standing ovation. Box office receipts of "12" were 6 million 820 thousand dollars; and maybe one of the reasons why the film was so successful is its brilliant cast, professional filmmaking team and certainly a talented director.

And in the end I'd like to say that I have a high opinion of this film and I got the whole pleasure from it. I think that "12" is a gripping and moving film, and as the action on the screen unfolds you become more and more involved in this film, you feel the same feelings as heroes do, you fear together with them, to cut a long story short - you live together with them.

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